Rates of Carpal Tunnel in California Workers
The Oct. 5, 2018, issue of CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report identified more than 139,000 probable and possible cases of carpal tunnel syndrome reported by workers in California during 2007–2014. Researchers analyzed California workers’ compensation claims for carpal tunnel by industry and occupation to determine which industries have the highest rates of carpal tunnel syndrome. Information based on the MMWR report appears below.
From “Rates of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in a State Workers’ Compensation Information System, by Industry and Occupation — California, 2007–2014” in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: “Industries and occupations identified with high rates of [carpal tunnel syndrome] should consider implementing intervention measures, including ergonomic evaluations and development of tools and instruments that require less repetition and force, and correct awkward postures. States could use their workers’ compensation data to identify cases of [carpal tunnel] and use this information to target prevention activities.”
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In August, The Knoxville News Sentinel reported that a student intern and a researcher at Oak Ridge Associated Universities had devised an experiment to replicate the McCluskey incident in order to study the effects of radiation on the body. By irradiating vials of their own blood for different lengths of time, the researchers hope to generate data that clinicians and first responders can refer to following an exposure incident.

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