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RISK ASSESSMENT Draft Chemical Risk Evaluation for Pigment Violet 29 Is EPA’s First Under TSCA ERGONOMICS   Progress Made in Use of Sensors to Quantify Loads during Materials Handling ERGONOMICS   Report Summarizes Rates of Carpal Tunnel in California Workers by Industry, Occupation EXPOSURE ASSESSMENT Draft Research Agenda Addresses Immune, Infectious, and Dermal Disease Prevention PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Study Seeks to Ensure Effectiveness of Firefighter Turnout Gear  OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE LIMITS EU Moves to Update Rules to Protect Workers from Harmful Substances  CONTROLS   Draft Legionella Guideline Moves through Review Process EMERGENCY RESPONSE Agencies Respond to California Wildfires RADIATION Study Finds Association between High Exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation and Cancer in Rats HAZARD RECOGNITION AND EVALUATION IARC Classifies Some Nitrobenzenes, Other Industrial Chemicals REGULATION AND PUBLIC POLICY    European Chemicals Agency Prepares Companies for Brexit CONTROLS  NIOSH: Total Worker Health Concepts Can Reduce Retail Worker Fatigue CONSTRUCTION OSHA Amends Requirements for Determining Competency of Crane Operators ASBESTOS   EPA Completes Final Cleanups of Libby Properties EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE “Safety Digest” Outlines Responsibilities for Responding to Chemical Incidents MINING NIOSH Seeks to Improve Participation in Coal Workers’ Health Surveillance Program  PHYSICAL HAZARDS  OSHA Addresses Lockout/Tagout, Safety of Temporary Workers