IOHA Chooses Thomas P. Fuller as President-Elect
The International Occupational Hygiene Association board of directors has elected Thomas P. Fuller, ScD, CIH, CSP, MSPH, MBA, as IOHA’s president-elect. IOHA is the umbrella organization for industrial and occupational hygiene organizations around the world. Fuller, who has served as AIHA’s representative to IOHA for two years, will become IOHA’s president later this year, and will serve as IOHA past president in 2021–2022. IOHA’s current president is Rene Leblanc of Canada. “Millions of workers around the world are still in need of safe and healthy working conditions,” Fuller said in an email. “For me, IOHA is a means to reach the most people, who need the most help, through an ever-improving network of collaboration, communication, and education.”  Created in 1987, IOHA currently has 36 member organizations that represent more than 20,000 occupational hygienists worldwide. IOHA’s mission is to “enhance the international network of occupational hygiene associations that promotes, develops, and improves occupational hygiene worldwide, providing a safe and healthy working environment for all,” according to the organization’s website. Fuller identified several priorities for his time in IOHA’s leadership, including coordinating educational initiatives between IOHA members and other professional and philanthropic organizations, expanding recognition of the occupational hygiene profession, publishing timely information on the IOHA website, and expanding IOHA’s guidance to universities regarding curricula for associate, master’s, and bachelor’s degree programs. Other areas of focus for IOHA are to advance the international standards of educational and training assessment, and to help educational organizations understand the importance of educational assessment. In 2018, AIHA hosted IOHA’s prestigious International Scientific Conference in Washington, D.C., the first time the conference had ever been held in the United States. The 2020 International Scientific Conference will be held Oct. 17–22 in Daegu, Korea. For more information, visit IOHA's website.

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