OSHA Publishes Searchable List of Authorized Trainers
A list of individuals authorized to serve as instructors of OSHA’s 10-hour and 30-hour Outreach Training classes is now available on the OSHA website. Users can search the list for instructors of classes in construction, general industry, maritime, or disaster site work, and can narrow the search to focus on the trainer’s home state. Results of searches provide each trainer's name, location, and phone number. OSHA’s Outreach Training Program instructs workers and supervisors on recognizing and preventing occupational safety and health hazards, and on understanding worker rights and employer responsibilities. The Outreach Training Program is voluntary and does not meet training requirements for any OSHA standards. In 2016, OSHA’s Outreach Training Program came under scrutiny following media reports of arrests in New York City of individuals for possession of fake identification cards for authorized training providers. The agency has since issued new identification cards that OSHA contends are more difficult to forge.