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REGULATION AND LEGISLATION Regulatory Agenda Outlines Agencies’ Rulemaking Plans EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS  EPA: Prevent Chemical Releases during Hurricane Season STANDARDS OSHA Plans to Propose Revisions to Ancillary Requirements of Beryllium Standard HEALTHCARE Agencies Agree to New Approval Process for N95 Respirators in Healthcare MINING MSHA Publishes Rule Modifying Workplace Examinations in Mines CHEMICAL AND MATERIAL HAZARDS National Academies Lauds IRIS for “Substantial Progress” ERGONOMICS Report Discusses MSD Prevention Practices for Nursing Staff COMMUNICATION AND TRAINING  OSHA Publishes Searchable List of Authorized Trainers FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS CSB: Combustible Dust, Hot Work among Critical Areas in Industrial Safety EMERGENCY RESPONSE   CDC: Phosphine Exposure Incident Reveals Need for Better PPE Training among Emergency Responders REGULATION AND LEGISLATION  Proposed Rule Would Subject Certain Uses of Asbestos to EPA Approval CHEMICAL AND MATERIAL HAZARDS   NIOSH Describes Suspected Opioid Exposure of First Responder ENGINEERING CONTROLS AND VENTILATION  NIOSH Report Identifies Factors Affecting Performance of Environmental Enclosures FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS Report Presents Workers’ Perspectives of 2017 Explosion at Wisconsin Mill HEALTHCARE NIOSH: Prevent Fentanyl Exposures to Healthcare Workers PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT  NIOSH Answers FAQs on Respiratory Protection in New Publications CHEMICAL AND MATERIAL HAZARDS  NIOSH Investigates Exposures to MWFs at an Engine Machining Plant SOLVENTS  IARC Classifies 1-Bromopropane as “Possibly Carcinogenic”