“Construction Chart Book” Presents Latest Health and Safety Data for U.S. Construction Industry 
CPWR–The Center for Construction Research and Training has released the sixth edition of its Construction Chart Book, a collection of data on the economics, safety, and health of the construction industry in the United States. CPWR publishes this free resource every five years. Among the health and safety information in the latest edition are reports on risks for musculoskeletal disorders; exposures to silica, nanomaterials, and lead; and injuries in fatalities across the construction sector in the U.S. and internationally.  The Construction Chart Book presents data on exposures across several subsectors within the U.S. construction industry. The highway, street, and bridge subsector has both the highest percentage of workers exposed to silica and the highest number of workers with blood lead levels greater than or equal to 10 µg/dL. The NIOSH reference level for lead in blood is 5 µg/dL. Download the Construction Chart Book from the CPWR website.