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For the past several months, AIHA members have been developing the new Women in Industrial Hygiene Community, a career resource and mentoring environment for women in industrial hygiene and related fields. The Women in IH Working Group formed in July 2017 following an open forum on the topic that received overwhelming interest at AIHce EXP in Seattle. The group’s first task was to identify a specific direction for the community based on the comments received during the forum and the results of the subsequent participant survey. The Women in IH Working Group recently announced the mission of the Women in IH Community: to “provide a platform for professional women to support career development, promote leadership skills, and to share information relevant to women working in industrial hygiene.” The working group has planned several events in support of the new community, including both face-to-face and virtual opportunities. The Women in IH Working Group will present two educational sessions at AIHce EXP 2018 in Philadelphia, Pa., on Tuesday, May 22. The sessions will be held back to back, beginning at 10 a.m. ET. The first session will focus on leadership success and the second will cover professional branding; these topics were among the most popular suggestions submitted by forum participants, who indicated they wanted real-world examples and discussion from successful female IHs. Presenters will discuss critical decision points in their careers to help attendees apply lessons learned to their own professional choices. These sessions are intended to assist future and current women leaders in empowerment and learning key strategies for success. In addition to the educational sessions, the Women in IH Community will host its inaugural networking event during the conference. For individuals who are unable to attend AIHce, the community will host a series of virtual town-hall-style meetings to discuss a wide range of topics of interest. The working group also plans to conduct outreach via Catalyst, AIHA’s new online community; articles and blog posts; and webinars. The group hopes to collaborate with several of AIHA’s volunteer committees on common interests. Are you interested in joining the Women in IH Working Group, or do you have ideas or suggestions to share? Visit the Women in IH Community group on
and send a request to join. Another opportunity to get involved is to attend the open working group meeting during AIHce EXP 2018 (see
conference website
for details). Please
email Stacey Croghan
with questions.
Creating a Community: Women in IH