NIOSH Continues Total Worker Health Webinar Series

NIOSH hosted the third webinar in its Total Worker Health webinar series, “Integrated Safety and Health for Small Businesses,” on Friday, Nov. 14. Presenters discussed research on the relationship between individuals’ quality of life and health in relation to their employment status, and the broader implications of implementing a Total Worker Health approach for various employment groups. The webinar also covered Total Worker Health interventions for small businesses, barriers to implementation, and strategies for overcoming these challenges.

The agency launched the free webinar series, which focuses on the latest research and case studies related to Total Worker Health, on Feb. 25, 2014. The previous webinars in the series, “Making the Case for Total Worker Health: An Overview of Opportunities and Approaches,” and “Intervening for Work Stress: Work-life Stress and Total Worker Health Approaches,” are available as archived recordings via NIOSH’s webinar page.
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