New Workshop Report Summarizes Best Practices in Total Worker Health

A new report summarizes the outcomes of a workshop on NIOSH’s Total Worker Health strategy that brought together “on-the-ground” stakeholders to discuss ways to integrate occupational health and safety protection with health promotion. The report, published by the National Academies Press, covers prevalent and best practices identified by stakeholders whose programs integrate OHS protection with health promotion in small, medium, and large businesses; employer and employee associations; academia; government agencies; and other workplaces. 

The workshop was held in May 2014. Participants discussed the challenges of building ongoing support for Total Worker Health; defining and measuring success of these programs; the occupational health-lifestyle link; and more. 
The full workshop summary is available as a free PDF download at
NIOSH’s Total Worker Health strategy integrates OHS protection with health promotion to prevent occupational injury and illness and to advance the health and well-being of workers. To learn more about Total Worker Health, visit
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