Fact Sheet Addresses Protection of Workers from Ebola-Contaminated Waste

A fact sheet developed jointly by OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA provides guidance for employers and workers on best practices for safe waste handling throughout the waste cycle, from the point of waste generation through final disposal of treated waste products. The fact sheet is intended to help employers protect workers whose jobs involve handling, treatment, transport, and disposal of medical, laboratory, and other waste that is suspected or known to be contaminated with the Ebola virus. 

Topics discussed in the fact sheet include use of protective equipment, collection and transportation of waste, processing of waste in a treatment or disposal facility, and infection control for workers. In a section on respiratory protection, the fact sheet recommends the use of NIOSH-approved N95 respirators for workers who may be exposed to bioaerosols suspected of containing Ebola virus. The fact sheet also advises against the use of waste management processes that involve shredding waste materials suspected of being contaminated with Ebola.
The fact sheet “Safe Handling, Treatment, Transport and Disposal of Ebola-Contaminated Waste” is available ​as a PDF on the OSHA website.
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