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3MTM Training and Resources
The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) was founded in 1984 to promote and expand biological safety expertise. To accomplish this core purpose, ABSA offers training opportunities, laboratory accreditation, publications, networking, biosafety resources, and an annual biological safety conference. To find out more, visit
Environmental Devices Corporation
Real-time Personal Air Monitors
The HD-1004 Real-time Personal Monitor is the only direct-reading instrument designed for true breathing zone measurements and comprehensive graphical reporting. The miniature and size-selective optical sensor mounts within the OSHA- defined breathing zone. The attached 37mm filter cassette allows for concurrent gravimetric and analytical sampling of lung-damaging particulates. Call (800) 234-2589 or visit
Interactive Safety Products, Inc.
Pureflo Supplied Air Respirators
Interactive Safety Products, Inc. offers Pureflo Supplied Air Respirators for grinding, welding, and painting. Respirators are NIOSH-approved with ANSI head, eye, and face protection, along with three welding lens options; quick-release suspension; and an APF of 1000. Can be ordered in four colors. High and low pressure models are available. Visit
Nextteq LLC
VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generators for Respirator Fit-testing
Nextteq’s VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator revolutionizes respirator fit-testing. Its patented design integrates all components into one convenient device. Plastic construction eliminates danger from broken glass. Small bellows minimize overexposure. Each VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator is a complete, safe, ready-to-use, OSHA-compliant fit-testing kit. Available in 6- and 10-packs. Visit
Occupational Health Dynamics
Quantifit®: The Gold Standard of Respirator Fit-testing
Quantifit is twice as fast as any other fit-tester and more accurate. Quantifit features keyboard input, USB printer connection, USB memory stick port, and a simpler user interface. This advanced system is based on a patented technology called Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP), which directly measures leakage at the face-to-facepiece seal. Visit
SafeTec Compliance Systems
Chemical Management Software and Services
SafeTec gives environmental, health and safety professionals the support, technology, and know-how to make informed decisions about the chemicals in their organization. We help unlock the data within safety data sheets and deliver structured information via automation so you can manage thousands of chemicals safely and sustainably. Visit
Supelco provides innovative solutions for your air sampling needs. Our products are packed with our high quality adsorbents inside. We offer the complete solution—from collecting the sample to sample preparation and analysis. Refresh your air sampling media with Supelco Solutions Within. Visit
SKC Inc. Validated Passive Sampler for Indoor Air Formaldehyde
Using DNPH chemistry, SKC UMEx 100 Passive Samplers provide low ppb detection of formaldehyde in indoor air and for personal sampling. Economical, convenient UMEx 100 Passive Samplers require no pump and feature a built-in blank/correction. Formaldehyde sampling rates are validated for seven days and from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Visit