Advertisement • Sampling and Indoor Air Quality

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Real-time monitoring of confined-space and lone workers. Includes Portable Worksite Alarm, T-Pass® 3 Personal Safety Alarm, Super-Cell SC 500, and Micro T-Pass Repeater. Name and ID display, motion-sensing, accountability, evacuation. Affordable, easy to learn, simple to use. AND IT’S LOUD. Visit
Arizona Instrument Jerome® J505
The Jerome® J505 Mercury Vapor Analyzer is a portable fluorescence spectroscopy analyzer that measures the concentration of mercury in air. With detection limits as low as 50 ng/m3 and as high as 0.5 mg/m3, it exceeds the current industrial exposure limits, as well as clean-up levels for public facilities.
Environmental Devices Corporation Real-time Personal Air Monitors
The HD-1004 Real-time Personal Monitor is the only direct-reading instrument designed for true breathing zone measurements and comprehensive graphical reporting. The miniature and size-selective optical sensor mounts within the OSHA-defined breathing zone. The attached 37mm filter cassette allows for concurrent gravimetric and analytical sampling of lung-damaging particulates. Call (800) 234-2589 or visit
Why sample with three meters when one will do? The 3M Quest EVM-7 provides real-time measurement of CO, CO2, temp, humidity, and VOCs with a built-in PID. A rotary impactor allows for PM2.5, PM4.0, PM10.0, or TSP measurement. IE rents the EVM-7 and other IH monitors on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.; (800) 532-7474.
Nextteq’s complete line of Gastec pumps and detector tubes precisely measure gases and vapors—over 600 applications. The pump’s easy-to-pull handle and one-stroke precision piston action provides field-proven, foolproof operation with no partial samples. Gastec Detector Tubes offer more accurate and reliable analysis with lower standard deviation. Call (877) 312-2333 or visit
Now featuring on-board memory, free Observer software, and backlit display. The Radiation Alert InspectorUSB is a small, microprocessor-based survey meter that offers excellent sensitivity to low levels of alpha, beta, gamma, X-rays, and built-in efficiencies for common isotopes to calculate activity in Becquerels and DPM. Visit