CDC Builds Kits to Address Short-term PPE Needs, Adds New Online Ebola Resources

In mid-November, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) personnel assembled 50 personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to assist U.S. hospital-based clinical teams in caring for one Ebola patient for up to five days. According to CDC, the kits can be quickly delivered from the Strategic National Stockpile to hospitals that may need additional PPE supplies. The kits include impermeable gowns, coveralls, and aprons; boot covers; gloves; face shields and hoods; N95 respirators; powered-air purifying respirator systems and ancillaries; and disinfecting wipes—PPE based on guidance issued by CDC on Oct. 20. 

Although the number of kits is limited, they will help address short-term PPE needs, according to a CDC press release.
“We are making certain to not disrupt the orders submitted by states and hospitals, but we are building our stocks so that we can assist when needed,” said Greg Burel, director of CDC’s Division of Strategic National Stockpile. “Some of these products are not normally used by hospitals for regular patient care.”
The agency continues to update its online resources related to the Ebola outbreak. New CDC resources include:
  • Information on Cleaning and Decontamination
  • Resources for Parents, Schools, and Pediatric Healthcare Professionals
  • Interim Guidance for the U.S. Residence Decontamination for Ebola Virus Disease and Removal of Contaminated Waste
  • Questions and Answers about CDC’s Ebola Monitoring & Movement Guidance
For more information, visit the CDC website.
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