NIOSH Devotes New Topic Page to Climate Change and OHS

A NIOSH Workplace Health & Safety Topic Web page published in December focuses on occupational safety and health (OHS) and climate change, which, according to the agency, has the potential to affect worker health both directly and indirectly. The new page lists increased ambient air temperatures, air pollution, and extreme weather as occupational hazards directly affected by climate change, while other, more indirectly associated hazards may arise from emerging industries, increased use of pesticides, and changes in the built environment. NIOSH collects information about how climate change is an occupational issue and the agency’s current and future plans for research on the new Web page. Users can also find related publications and other Web resources that discuss climate change. 

“Although considerable research and planning with regard to climate change has dealt with public health and the environment, little of it has focused on the impact climate change will have on workers,” NIOSH states.
The agency has formed the NIOSH Climate Change Occupational Safety and Health Work Group, which is tasked with determining OHS issues, identifying gaps in worker protection, and making recommendations for worker safety and health improvements in regard to climate change. More information about the agency’s involvement on this topic is available on the NIOSH website.
View the new topic page.
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