NIOSH Releases Noise Measurement Databases

NIOSH recently released a database of noise measurement results collected by agency investigators during health hazard evaluation (HHE) surveys conducted from 1996 through 2012. The new database includes more than 760 personal noise exposure measurements and more than 530 area noise measurements from 73 different HHE reports. It also includes information on the type of dosimeter or sound level meter used; whether a hearing conservation program was in place; the type and duration of noise measurement; exposure to ototoxic chemicals; and more. 

HHEs are requested by employees, their representatives, or employers to learn whether health hazards are present in a workplace. The scope of HHEs varies based on the requestors’ concerns and the professional judgment of NIOSH staff.
Access the database on the NIOSH website at The database is available via the NIOSH Data and Statistics Gateway (available at, a Web resource that the agency launched last year to provide centralized access to NIOSH-generated data, including public-use research datasets, surveillance data, statistics, and other collections of data related to occupational safety and health.
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