New Publications Address Biological Degreasing Stations, Compressed-air Guns

Quebec-based research organization IRSST recently released two new publications designed to help protect workers from occupational hazards: a fact sheet on the safe use of biological degreasing stations and a technical guide on choosing safe compressed-air guns. 

IRSST intends the fact sheet on biological degreasing stations to be used by occupational health and safety practitioners in the motor vehicle garage sector and in other workplaces where employees perform mechanical maintenance. The fact sheet describes biological degreasing stations as a tank with a sink on top where workers degrease metal parts and other materials by hand. IRSST notes that biological degreasing stations can be used in place of traditional solvent-based degreasing stations to help reduce workers’ exposure to toxic or flammable substances. The new fact sheet discusses prevention measures workers should take to use biological degreasing stations safely.
The new technical guide, “Choosing a Safe, Effective Blow Gun,” is a supplement to IRSST’s directory of compressed-air mufflers, blow guns, and vacuum guns, and describes the various types of nozzles that can be attached to compressed-air guns. The guide also discusses the risks associated with handling blow guns, the characteristics of a safe blow gun, and alternatives to blow guns.
For more information on IRSST, visit the organization's website.

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