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Editor’s note: The individuals featured in this series were selected from responses to a survey that AIHA conducted in 2014. For background, see "The IH Hero Gap" in the January 2015 issue. As industrial hygiene faces the forthcoming retirement of a sizable number of its practitioners, Elizabeth Pullen isn’t alone in her desire to ensure that a new generation is ready to carry the profession forward. She knows that industrial hygienists and occupational hygiene professionals want to tackle the issue head-on, and she is working with other industrial hygienists to build momentum. CONNECTING PEOPLE Like many others within AIHA, Pullen saw a need for outreach efforts at schools and colleges and within communities to familiarize people with IH and get potential new professionals into the career pipeline. She learned there were different groups in AIHA working on pieces of the bigger outreach puzzle: the Students and Early Career Professionals (SECP) Committee was developing materials for use at outreach events at colleges and high schools, for example. And individuals like AIHA Fellow Mike Harris were enthusiastic about coming up with ways to promote the IH profession to younger generations, as he shared in his Cummings Award Lecture in 2014. Pullen saw an opportunity to get a larger effort brewing and to connect the many players already involved. “There is a lot of interest in different places [throughout the organization], and we just have to harness all that energy,” she explains.
How to Harness IH Energy AIHA Past President Works to Increase IH Outreach