February JOEH Lineup

The February issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH) features these and other articles:

  • An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Occupational Exposure to Physical Demands on Biomarkers of Cartilage and Muscle Damage
  • Multicenter Study of Environmental Contamination with Antineoplastic Drugs in 36 Canadian Hospitals: A 2013 Follow-up Study
  • The Effects of Aging on the Dynamic Adsorption of Hazardous Organic Vapors on Impregnated Activated Carbon
  • Rotation during Lifting Tasks: Effects of Rotation Frequency and Task Order on Localized Muscle Fatigue and Performance
  • Viable Influenza A Virus in Airborne Particles from Human Coughs
  • Identifying the Hazard Characteristics of Powder By-products Generated from Semiconductor Fabrication Processes
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