Fact Sheet Provides Tips to Protect Law Enforcement Professionals from Ebola

A new fact sheet developed by NIOSH provides information on how law enforcement professionals in the U.S. can protect themselves from exposure to the Ebola virus. The fact sheet describes how Ebola is spread, law enforcement professionals’ risk of exposure, and tips on avoiding exposure to Ebola and handling contaminated surfaces. NIOSH cautions law enforcement professionals against attempting to clean areas that are possibly contaminated with Ebola. Instead, the fact sheet directs them to prevent anyone from accessing the area and alert personnel who are designated to respond to these situations. 

It is very unlikely that law enforcement professionals will encounter a person infected with Ebola, according to the fact sheet. However, when performing duties such as enforcing quarantine orders, they may come into contact with an individual who has been exposed but is not symptomatic.
For more information, view the fact sheet (PDF).

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