NIOSH Requests Technical Review of Draft Skin Notation Profiles​
NIOSH requests technical review of draft skin notations and supporting technical documents, or skin notation profiles, for 19 chemicals. NIOSH’s skin notation profiles provide information supplemental to chemicals’ skin notations, including summaries of all relevant data used to help determine the hazards associated with skin exposures. Each skin notation profile includes a summary of the health hazards of skin contact with a chemical and the rationale behind the chemical’s hazard-specific skin notation assignment. The draft skin notation profiles cover the chemicals trichloroethylene, acrylic acid, tetraethyl lead, tetramethyl lead, 2-hydropropyl acrylate, dimethyl sulfate, arsenic, pentachlorophenol, dichlorvos, heptachlor, disulfoton, atrazine, morpholine, EPN, sodium fluoroacetate, chlorinated camphene, dioxathion, catechol, and 1-bromopropane. NIOSH asks reviewers to consider whether the skin notation profiles clearly outline the systemic health hazards, direct health hazards, and allergic response health hazards associated with exposures of the skin to each chemical. The agency also requests feedback on whether the documents are organized appropriately, if the conclusions are supported by the data, and if the included tables are clear and appropriate. The comment period for these documents closes on June 30, 2015. Visit the Federal Register to learn about submitting comments.
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