AIHA is now accepting applications for its Distinguished Lecturer Program and List, which will identify experts within the association who are willing to provide lectures in their area of expertise to the industrial hygiene community and to AIHA’s outreach partners. This program enables members of the IH community to connect and learn from experts in the field and to schedule presentations at local, regional, national, or international meetings. The Distinguished Lecturer List (DLL) will provide AIHA Local Sections and other outreach partners with information on lecturers in their geographical area that can present on a variety of occupational health and safety topics. 

The Distinguished Lecturer Program features renowned thought leaders in academia, industry, and government who speak about the most important topics in industrial hygiene. The DLL is a modification and expansion of the existing “Speakers Bureau.”
Applications will be accepted through Dec. 31, 2014. For more information or to access the online application form, visit
AIHA Launches Distinguished Lecturer Program
AIHA Comments to NIOSH Focus on E-cigarette Use in the Indoor Occupational Environment

In September, AIHA submitted comments on the draft NIOSH Current Intelligence Bulletin, Promoting Health and Preventing Disease and Injury through Workplace Tobacco Policies. AIHA reviewed the draft document for its contribution to current knowledge on the potential health effects of electronic nicotine delivery systems such as e-cigarettes. 

The AIHA E-Cigarette Project Team Working Group developed the comments, recommending that NIOSH either include e-cigarettes in the definition of smokeless tobacco or provide specific recommendations for the limitation of e-cigarette use in the indoor occupational environment. 
“Because e-cigarettes are a potential source of pollutants such as airborne nicotine, flavorings, and thermal degradation products, it would be appropriate for their use in the indoor occupational environment to be restricted, consistent with current smoking bans, until and unless research documents that they will not significantly increase the risk of adverse health effects to occupants,” AIHA’s comments read.
As this issue of The Synergist went to press, the group was also in the final stages of publishing a new white paper, “Electronic Cigarettes in the Indoor Environment.”

The full comments are available as a PDF download at
AIHA® Accolades

AIHA member Alan Lloyd CIH, CSP, was recently promoted to associate vice president of the engineering, design, and consulting firm Pennoni Associates. Lloyd serves as the safety and industrial hygiene division manager in the firm’s Haddon Heights, N.J., location. He is also the chair of the firm’s health and safety committee.

Cathy White was recently named one of 41 “Rising Stars of Safety” by members of the National Safety Council. The Rising Stars of Safety awards recognize outstanding young professionals who transform company safety through the implemention of safety initiatives. White is an associate industrial hygiene manager for The Dow Chemical Company.
Winners’ Circle
Scott Norman of Minnesota and Vivian Ortiz-Hernandez of New Mexico are the third-quarter 2014 winners of The Synergist® online survey drawing that appears in the weekly AIHA E-ssential Connection e-newsletter. Both are lucky recipients of $200 American Express gift cards. Remember to take the online survey for your chance to win!
Nominations Due Next Month

The AIHA Nominating and Awards Committee requests nominations for the 2015 Fellow and AIHA awards. The deadline for AIHA awards nominations is Dec. 1, and the deadline for AIHA Fellows nominations is Dec. 31. For more information, visit

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