December JOEH Lineup

The December issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH) features the following articles:

  • A Novel Method for Assessing Respiratory Deposition of Welding Fume Nanoparticles
  • Migration of Beryllium via Multiple Exposure Pathways among Work Processes in Four Different Facilities
  • Mold Management of Wetted Carpet
  • Exposure of Unsuspecting Workers to Deadly Atmospheres in Below-ground Confined Spaces and Investigation of Related Whole-air Sample Composition Using Adsorption Gas Chromatography
  • A Novel Alternative to Environmental Monitoring to Detect Workers at Risk for Beryllium Exposure-related Health Effects
  • Persistence of Respirator Use Learning
  • Validation of Heart Rate Derived from a Physiological Status Monitor-embedded Compression Shirt against Criterion ECG
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