MAY 23–25
Monday, May 23
8:00 a.m.–9:30 a.m.
Captain Chris Cassidy
NASA Astronaut, U.S. Navy SEAL, CEO, and President of the National Medal of Honor Museum
Keys to Assessing Risk — Knowing When to Push or Pivot
From the depths of the ocean to beyond Earth’s atmosphere, Captain Chris Cassidy knows how to assess risk in pursuit of a successful mission. A decorated and former U.S. Navy SEAL and recently retired NASA astronaut, Captain Cassidy successfully navigated all kinds of environments through effective risk assessment strategies and tactics. Hear stories and lessons from Captain Cassidy’s storied career about the keys to managing and assessing risk and effective decision-making. From ship boardings in the Persian Gulf to unplanned spacewalks from the International Space Station to 180-mile kayak trips in Virginia, you’ll discover a fresh perspective on when to push and when to pivot to secure success
This session will be broadcast for Virtual AIHce EXP and included in OnDemand.
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