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Making the Case for Professional Development
To keep up with the ever-evolving occupational and environmental health and safety industry, there is constant pressure to improve your skillset to maintain relevance and marketability. Thankfully, AIHA University offers several opportunities for professional development so you don’t have to hunt for webinars, courses, or publications to provide you with diverse avenues for learning.
So, how do you justify the cost of investing in these educational resources? Most companies have funds designated to support your growth, so all you have to do is convince your manager that it’s worth it. Even if you’re the boss, prove it to yourself! Here are three tips to make your case:
Prove the ROI
These three words, “return on investment,” are essential. Clearly define what skills or tools you will gain through your training or purchase of a book and how they will positively affect the bottom line of your organization. Be ready to show what you will bring back to the office.
Share Your Knowledge
What you learn doesn’t have to end with you. Why not pass along your upgraded knowledge base to others at your company? Lay out your plan for sharing what you’ve learned with the rest of the staff (such as by becoming an in-house trainer or leadership coach). Your enthusiasm and willingness to help the organization succeed increases your value and makes your role more critical to the organization as a whole.
Make It Personal
Tie your professional development to your personal development plan. This personalized growth plan should include goals for development within your organization and how these goals relate to the organization’s strategic plan. Revisit your plan frequently so that you’re prepared when you request professional development funding. By asserting your commitment to the organization, you make it easier for the company to invest in you.
As you peruse this catalog and find the education resources that align with your goals, keep these tips in mind for connecting your professional development to your organization’s success.
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