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Product Stewardship
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Professional Practices of Product Stewardship
Edited by Gailen A. Hart
Product stewardship is an evolving and expanding area of concern and opportunity for companies and society. There is an ever-increasing number of individuals with “Product Stewardship” in their title and responsibilities within the organizations they support. This concise reference of professional practices provides deep insight into the core areas of product stewardship, including the fundamentals of product stewardship, product risk management, product life cycle management, management of product compliance and liability, and product stewardship strategy and program management. It offers guidance and support to both those new to product stewardship and those who have been involved for many years.
Stock #: PSS18-02 | 417 pp | Softcover
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Realizing the Full Business Value of Product Stewardship
Edited by Allan K. Fleeger
Product stewardship is a critical business element, no longer primarily known as a compliance-driven “license to operate” function. In addition to helping ensure that all products marketed and sold are safe for their intended use throughout their life cycle, the product stewardship function contributes significantly to the bottom line and the company’s ability to go to market. This publication provides a foundation for an overarching value strategy that can help build a solid business case and gain the support of top management, ensuring adequate resourcing and staff to meet the business strategy.
Stock #: PSS16-01 | 102 pp | Softcover
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Incident Safety and Health Management Handbook, 2nd edition
Edited by Edward Primeau and Laura H. Weems
This document provides industrial hygienists and environmental health professionals with key safety and health planning strategies and execution steps to follow during various disaster response operations. It provides technical information on air monitoring, respiratory protection, and personal protective equipment and offers guidelines for an effective response to an all hazards threat environment.
Stock #: SEPH18-744 | 109 pp | Softcover
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$58 | NON-MBR
Storage Rack Safety Guideline, 2nd edition
Edited by Lorraine Sedlak
This document is intended to provide guidance on the design, installation, maintenance, and safe operating practices for rack storage areas. Safety considerations in the design of product and material racking systems and warehouse facilities are reviewed and include the aspects related to the material handling process. This guideline also summarizes facility, structural (floor load capacity), and operational (layout, aisle widths, area lighting, material handling, and equipment) concerns.
Stock #: SMEA18-745 | 28 pp | Softcover
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$135 | NON-MBR
Welding Health and Safety: A Field Guide for OEHS Professionals, 2nd edition
By Michael K. Harris and Michael R. Phibbs
Learn to communicate more effectively with welding shop and plant personnel with this practical guide, written for those who have little actual "hands-on" shop experience. The expanded second edition contains new chapters on developing similar exposure groups, as well as discussions on local exhaust ventilation, welding fume as an IARC Group 1 carcinogen, and exposure control banding. With several handy color-coded tables and graphics, assessing hazards and managing exposure risks of welding is easier than ever!
Stock #: SWEF21-490 | 268 pp | Softcover