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ANSI/AIHA® Z9.2–2012 Fundamentals Governing the Design and Operation of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems
By the ANSI/AIHA® Z9.2 Subcommittee
This standard describes fundamental good practices related to the commissioning, design, selection, installation, operation, maintenance, and testing of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems used for the control of employee exposure to airborne contaminants.
Stock #: IVEA12-720 | 60 pp | Softcover
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ANSI/AIHA® Z9.5–2012 Laboratory Ventilation
By the ANSI/AIHA® Z9.5 Subcommittee
Every laboratory will benefit from this outline of laboratory ventilation requirements and practices. Chapters include performance tests, air cleaning, preventive maintenance, and work practices. Five appendices covering definitions, terms, and units are included. Those involved in laboratory management, including chemical hygiene officers, campus and institutional health and safety staff, industrial hygienists, and environmental health and safety staff, will benefit from this standard.
Stock #: LVEA12-437 | 130 pp | Softcover
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ANSI/ASSE Z9.14–2014 Testing and Performance-Verification Methodologies for Ventilation Systems for Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) and Animal Biosafety Level 3 (ABSL-3) Facilities
By the Z9.14 Subcommittee
This new standard focuses on performance verification of ventilation system-engineering controls and related systems within a BSL-3/ABSL-3 laboratory. Also discussed in this standard are testing and verification of ventilation systems in BSL3/ABSL-3 labs, which include supply, exhaust, directional airflow, biosafety cabinets, air filtration, exhaust stacks, fan failure scenarios, and more.
Stock #: LVEA14-779 | 127 pp | Softcover
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Engineering Reference Manual, 3rd edition
Edited by Michael D. Larrañaga
A reference library at your fingertips! This convenient summary of current, pertinent, and practical information for OEHS professionals covers topics such as ventilation, noise, heat stress, ionizing and nonionizing radiation, respiratory protection, ergonomics, illumination, and more. The manual also provides general conversion tables, rules of thumb, and a variety of formulas, figures, and charts.
Stock #: BIHS12-364 | 296 pp | Softcover
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An Ergonomics Guide to Computer Workstations, 3rd edition
Edited by Sheree L. Gibson, Mary O’Reilly, Marjorie K. Werrell, and Cathy White
Today’s widespread use of computers in an office setting has created a cluster of ergonomic conditions somewhat distinct from other workplace concerns. This guide addresses these conditions and will familiarize those who design office space, those who work in offices, and those responsible for the health and safety of office workers with ergonomic principles intended to minimize the risk of eyestrain, cumulative trauma disorders, and stress. Included is a quick checklist with possible interventions and other resources for workstation-related ergonomic safety.
Stock #: EERH19-723 | 49 pp | Softcover
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Guideline for the Development of Personal Protective Equipment Programs for Small Business Owners
By the AIHA® Protective Clothing and Equipment Committee
This practical guidance document outlines currently used best management practices and discusses the fundamentals of developing personal protective equipment (PPE) programs for small business owners. Additionally, the publication provides guidance for selecting clothing and equipment to protect employees from physical and chemical hazards encountered in various occupational settings.
Stock #: EPCG05-688 | 11 pp | Softcover
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The IAQ Investigator’s Guide, 3rd edition
Edited by Ellen C. Gunderson
A good IAQ investigator is calm, observant, thorough, and discerning. Investigators should be skilled in knowing what questions to ask, have knowledge of building systems, and possess a willingness to engage the public promptly and communicate results clearly to all involved parties. This guide covers the initial investigation, an HVAC overview and inspection, considerations for special indoor environments, risk communication, and report preparation. Eleven appendices are also included, providing readers with guidelines, checklists, and forms to assist in their investigations.
Stock #: IAQG16-144 | 209 pp | Softcover