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During AIHA’s 75th anniversary celebration last year, The Synergist invited AIHA volunteers to submit responses to the question, “What ignited your passion for industrial hygiene?” The responses are collected on the AIHA website. Reading them now, as my term as AIHA president nears completion, I am reminded again of the hallmarks of our profession—dedication to the greater good, technical expertise, sound science—and of the deeply personal conviction that led many of us to become industrial hygienists. I am especially grateful to Dr. Ken Blehm, CIH, Professor and Associate Dean at Colorado State University, who ignited my passion for industrial hygiene. That conviction forms the root of much of what AIHA has accomplished over three-quarters of a century. This organization was founded by volunteers who believed that a professional home for industrial hygienists was necessary for practitioners to develop their technical skills, share best practices, and, ultimately, protect worker health. It is immensely satisfying to reflect that AIHA has remained true to these core principles throughout its long history while fostering productive collaborations across so many professional communities. Today, our reach encompasses entire industries and has grown beyond our traditional borders, as illustrated by our evolving relationship with our colleagues in China and India. GIVING BACK In 1999, the late Dr. Roy M. Buchan, CIH, Professor Emeritus, CSU, and Mary Lynn, CIH, CSP, OSHA, inspired me to run for a leadership position for the AIHA-Rocky Mountain Section. Since 2002, the source of my passion for industrial hygiene has been the good work that our volunteers do on behalf of the profession. That year, as the incoming local section president, I attended AIHA’s Leadership Workshop. The volunteers who shared their expertise made a deep impression on me, and the example they set by giving back to their professional community has guided me ever since.
A Passion for Protecting Worker Health BY CHRISTINE A.D. LORENZO, AIHA PRESIDENT
In this, my last column as AIHA president, I highlight just a few of our outstanding volunteer initiatives:

The Content Portfolio Management Team is charged with developing AIHA’s content priorities for the next one-to-three years. AIHA is now developing bodies of knowledge and conducting research in areas that the CPMT identified in 2014.
The Strategic Direction Task Force is developing our next strategic plan through a more member-centric process than AIHA has used in the past. To inform the Task Force’s work, AIHA invited members and other stakeholders to take an online survey that asked for information about their professional challenges.
The Standards Advisory Panel provides recommendations to the AIHA Guideline Foundation’s Board of Directors for prioritizing AIHA’s activities related to standards development. The Panel gathers input from volunteer groups, AIHA standards representatives, staff, and other stakeholders, and oversees the activities of AIHA’s representatives to standards-setting bodies.
Members of the Stewardship and Sustainability Committee were part of the team that developed the programming for Stewardship 2015, the conference of the Product Stewardship Society, which will be co-located with AIHce 2015 in Salt Lake City. 
The Outreach Project Team comprises members of the Fellows SIG, the Student and Early Career Professionals Committee, and the Local Section Council who are working in tandem to raise the visibility of IH at the K-12 and college/university levels.
The Career Stages Task Force is developing recommendations for AIHA to better support members at various stages of their careers. The Task Force has identified the specific stages for different career paths, and AIHA is working to align its products, services, website, and other content areas with these stages. FUTURE PROMISE There is no better way for me to close my last Synergist column than to express my sincere gratitude to all of our volunteers for making this association the essential resource for industrial hygiene education. Unfortunately I don’t have the space to do justice to all of the outstanding work you do on our behalf. You are the reason AIHA has acquired its excellent reputation, and you are the source of its future promise.
There is no better way for me to close my last Synergist column than to express my sincere gratitude to all of our volunteers.