Work-Related Vision Impairment
A new report from the International Labor Organization provides recommendations to governments, employers, and workers on eliminating risks in the workplace that affect eye health. The report outlines an approach to workplace eyesight protection based on the hierarchy of controls. Information from the report appears below. Read more in NewsWatch.
From “Eye Health and the World of Work”: “Occupational hazards to the eye include mechanical trauma from flying particles, like wood and metal fines, non-ionizing radiation (NIR), for example solar radiation and lasers, chemical and biological splashes, and ergonomic factors. However, many eye conditions, which can impact a worker’s ability to perform tasks, are caused by non-occupational factors, such as ageing and exposure to solar or NIR outside the workplace; nevertheless, they pose OSH risks.”
International Labor Organization: “Eye Health and the World of Work” (PDF, 2023).
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