NIOSH Team to Provide OHS Guidance for COVID-19
NIOSH has formed a team of subject matter experts from universities across the United States to provide occupational health and safety guidance and technical assistance to employers, workers, and government and public health officials during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the September issue of
, team members will provide support through interagency personnel agreements between NIOSH and their employers. “Occupational settings are vital to the long-term efforts to contain COVID-19,” NIOSH states in the organization’s e-newsletter. “Both NIOSH and nonfederal partners will benefit from this collaboration through the advancement of [OHS] expertise, facilitation of outreach, and development of training.” NIOSH urges individuals to email Lauralynn McKernan, CIH, ScD, associate director for science of the agency’s Division of Field Studies and Engineering, or Dawn Castillo, MPH, director of the NIOSH Division of Safety Research, for more information.