Demographics of Healthcare Workers with COVID-19
Healthcare workers who die from COVID-19 are more likely to be older, male, Asian, Black, or have an underlying medical condition than healthcare workers who survive the disease, according to a report published in September by CDC. The report is based on demographics and other information from 100,570 cases of COVID-19 among healthcare workers that were reported to CDC between Feb. 12 and July 16. Of these workers, 641 are known to have died, while 67,105 survived. The outcomes for nearly one-third of the cases were unknown. Additional information from the report is presented below.
From “Update: Characteristics of Health Care Personnel with COVID-19 — United States, February 12–July 16, 2020”:
“Long-standing inequities in social determinants of health can result in some groups being at increased risk for illness and death from COVID-19, and these factors must also be recognized and addressed when protecting essential workers in the workplace, at home, and in the community. Ensuring adequate allocation of PPE to all [healthcare personnel] in the workplace is one important approach to mitigating systemic inequalities in COVID-19 risk.”
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