New CDC Site Collects Guidance on Natural Disaster Response During COVID-19
CDC has created a new
focused on natural disaster preparedness and response during the COVID-19 pandemic. The site includes guidance on hurricane, earthquake, extreme heat, flooding, wildfire, tornado, and winter weather safety. In addition to tips for preparation, evacuation, and sheltering for laypeople, the agency’s website offers resources specifically for emergency responders, public health professionals, and healthcare workers. CDC urges individuals to allow more time for emergency preparations than in non-pandemic years. People should continue to follow social-distancing protocols and stock up on supplies, like hand sanitizer, soap, and cloth face coverings, that will help protect them and others from COVID-19. If staying with relatives during a national disaster, individuals should take special care to maintain hand hygiene; if staying at a shelter, they should cover their faces and stay at least six feet away from other households.