OSHA Urges Employers to Protect Workers from Cytomegalovirus Exposure
A new web page recently published by OSHA provides information on protecting workers from Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, a common virus that is often spread through saliva and other body fluids of young children. For this reason, childcare and healthcare workers are at increased risk for exposure to CMV. According to OSHA, CMV is present in many other body fluids such as urine, tears, mucus, breastmilk, and blood, and can spread through direct, prolonged contact with these fluids. The virus typically causes few or very minor symptoms in adults, but pregnant women can pass the infection to their unborn babies. CMV can cause serious birth defects such as mental, behavioral, and physical developmental issues in some babies born with the infection. More information related to CMV, including general guidance for childcare and healthcare workers, is available on OSHA’s website.