Vice President
John Mulhausen, PhD, CIH, CSP Retired from 3M Company St. Paul, Minn. Integrity of IH practice is most critical to AIHA’s success in achieving its mission and vision. It aligns with the top priority of industrial hygienists, which is to protect workers by practicing with full integrity, ethics, and conformance with state-of-the-art science. It also naturally reinforces critical aspects of the other domains. Community provides the safe place for learning, discussion, and feedback that professionals need to navigate complex risk scenarios with integrity. Awareness is critical, both for society generally and for industrial hygienists specifically, because the most effective path forward for worker health and safety can be obscured by time, money, or relationship pressures and/or limitations in knowledge. Advancement and dissemination of knowledge fills the need for best available science demanded by IH practice integrity. Finally, advocacy is critical because public policy makers must understand the importance of IH practice integrity to effectively protect worker health and safety. AIHA’s Strategic Plan includes solid objectives for advancing IH practice integrity. It can be strengthened by emphasizing the synergies between practice integrity and the other domains. Practicing with integrity is a learned and reinforced behavior that every one of us can improve. By offering opportunities for advancing our own abilities and teaching others about the critical importance of IH practice integrity, AIHA will succeed in empowering us to protect worker health and safety.