Director (Two to be elected)
Lucinette Alvarado, CIH HSEQ Senior Specialist Covestro LLC Pittsburgh, Pa. The most critical domain to achieve our mission and vision will be advancement and dissemination of knowledge. Currently, the AIHA membership is shifting. There are IH colleagues who have a lot of experience in the field and the “new” generation of IH professionals. We need to have a knowledge transfer between these two generations. The “new” generation needs to have the opportunity to learn from those who already have a lot of experience so that industrial hygiene continues to protect all workers and all are safe in the future. Also, the IH community is becoming more diverse. We need to disseminate the knowledge to those who don’t have the opportunity to get it. Many times this is only a matter of switching the language and/or understanding their culture and beliefs for them to comprehend IH concepts and accept them. We can accomplish these in different ways:
  1. Translating the AIHA documents/books into different languages. 
  2. Provide continuing education opportunities in different languages.
  3. Organizing events (face to face or virtual) and make sure to include colleagues from different generations and ethnic backgrounds.
  4. Study the AIHA membership demographics to better understand the needs of our members.
This will be a good start. Once we accept our differences and needs, the AIHA community will work together to achieve the mission and vision.