California Issues Booklet on Protecting Pool Workers from Chemical Injuries and Illnesses
The California Department of Public Health is raising awareness of the hazards presented by disinfectants and other chemicals used to clean swimming pools. A 14-page booklet available from the CDPH website, intended for workers, employers, and pool operators, informs readers about the hazards of exposures to disinfectants such as bleach, bromine, and chlorine gas. The booklet also describes best practices for storing chemicals, preventing chemical injuries, training staff, and minimizing worker exposures that could cause or worsen asthma. Several short case studies in the booklet describe injuries to pool workers that resulted from improper handling of pool chemicals or malfunctioning equipment. One case study explains how a pump malfunction resulted in a surge of bleach to a pool, causing shortness of breath, burning eyes, and throat irritation among 30 people. The booklet is available as a PDF.