EPA, NIOSH Collaborate to Upgrade Risk Assessment Software
EPA recently released version 3.0 of its Benchmark Dose Software, or BMDS, which is intended to help users estimate the dose or exposure of a chemical or chemical mixture associated with a given response level. The agency developed BMDS 3.0 in collaboration with NIOSH to meet the current dose-response needs of chemical risk assessors and to introduce dose-response methods such as Bayesian analysis and model averaging. According to EPA, the new version of BMDS features substantial interface and model code enhancements. BMDS 3.0’s new interface is implemented within Microsoft Excel 2016, and all existing models have been re-coded to improve their performance in terms of stability, accuracy, reliability, and speed. “Bayesian model averaging allows the statistical modeling to account for the uncertainty inherent in selecting a ‘best’ model to describe exposure-response data,” NIOSH stated in its October e-newsletter. “Quantitative risk assessment is used by NIOSH to characterize risks of workplace chemical exposures and set recommended exposure limits, and by EPA to assess environmental risks.” More information about BMDS 3.0 is available on EPA’s website. BMDS is free to download from the agency.