NIOSH Database to Include PPE That Protects Against Fentanyl Exposure
Manufacturers will have an opportunity to participate in the expansion of NIOSH’s PPE-Info database to include personal protective equipment products that protect against fentanyl exposure. In a Federal Register notice published on Oct. 18, the agency states its intention to develop the database as a tool to connect existing protection standards with relevant PPE information for the protection of workers against fentanyl and its analogues. NIOSH’s goal is to allow emergency responders and other end users of PPE-Info to find products that are compliant with CDC’s fentanyl PPE guidance. The agency intends to add information about all PPE types associated with the CDC guidance. The deadline for manufacturers to send comments expressing willingness to participate was Nov. 19, 2018. At the time this issue of The Synergist went to press, NIOSH had not set a deadline for manufacturers to submit product information for inclusion in PPE-Info.  PPE-Info, which NIOSH says is the only U.S. database that is maintained with comprehensive information about national personal protective equipment standards and select product information, allows users to conduct general or advanced-criteria searches of relevant federal standards, associated product types, target occupational groups, basic conformity assessment specifications, and additional pertinent information. PPE-Info also provides guidance for medical response personnel for PPE selection, including information on products that claim compliance with relevant protection standards for a specific response, such as Ebola. The database is available on CDC's website. For more information, read the Federal Register notice and visit the docket on