New Policy Seeks to Ensure Worker Participation in Chemical Incident Investigations
The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board has established a policy for worker participation in CSB investigations. According to the policy, workers are often critical sources of information relevant to chemical incident investigations. Individual employees often serve as witnesses, and employee organizations can also provide information regarding facts and circumstances that may have led to an incident. CSB’s new policy is intended “to ensure opportunities for the participation of workers and their workplace representatives in the agency’s investigative process.” The policy calls for CSB investigators-in-charge to offer a “reasonable number” of workers and their representatives the opportunity to participate in investigative activities such as meetings; site walkthroughs; testing of equipment, material, and samples; and review of draft reports and recommendations. The policy also covers whistleblower protection and explains how CSB will address attempts to interfere with employee participation. The policy is available as a PDF on CSB’s website.