New Website Details Controls for Hazardous Energy
NIOSH has published a new website that specifies strategies for controlling the release of hazardous energy. The main control, known as lockout/tagout, involves preventing the re-energization of a de-energized system. Unexpected start-up of machines or systems can seriously injure or kill workers. According to NIOSH, injuries related to lockout often occur when an employee services or repairs a machine or tries to clear a jam but fails to de-energize the machine and lock out sources of energy. The NIOSH website includes a resource guide that presents sample written plans for de-energizing machines and locking out sources of energy. The guide also specifies the considerations necessary for developing a procedure for controlling hazardous energy, including documenting its sources, which could include mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, and thermal sources in addition to electrical sources. The resource guide also discusses training workers on lockout/tagout, auditing lockout/tagout processes, and prevention through design. View the new website.