Praise for “Ending Modern Slavery”
Congratulations to Thomas P. Fuller for his outstanding article, “Ending Modern Slavery: A New Role for Corporate Social Responsibility Programs” [September issue], and to The Synergist for going outside the envelope of industrial hygiene and reaching out into social science. I work for a federal agency where I work with immigrants, many undocumented. I have heard too many times that, in too many workplaces, workers are exposed to hazards but are afraid to complain for fear of deportation. I have been told by some of these workers that employers have threatened to call immigration to have them deported if they complain to OSHA or the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division about the employer’s violations.  I talk to customers of the Consulates of Mexico, Guatemala, and The Philippines about their labor rights.  My brother recently retired from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, where he was a forensic photographer. He once took a video of human traffickers bringing illegal immigrants from China to the U.S. A Chinese-speaking ICE agent had to interpret what was being said. The traffickers brought the immigrants in ships and sold them to various businesses where the immigrants had to live and work as slaves for a long time until they repaid the business owners for the cost of the trip to the U.S. Before the 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse, which killed over 1,100 workers and injured many more, hundreds of Bangladeshi workers had burned to death in several workplace fires. International organizations are working to require safety and health standards for these workplaces, but many of the major companies that make clothes in Asia and sell them in the U.S. have refused to participate.  Industrial hygienists and safety professionals cannot remain ignorant of these issues and limit themselves to reading about the technical aspects of our jobs. We must become active in the fight for justice for workers worldwide. Jorge A. Delucca, MS, MA, CAIH
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