OSHA: Recalled Flashlight Presents Potential Explosion Hazard
OSHA has issued a hazard alert about a flashlight that was recently recalled due to a risk that it can ignite hazardous atmospheres when used in confined spaces. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the recall for Koehler-Bright Star WorkSafe Model 2224 LED 3-D cell flashlights on Aug. 14. The flashlights were marketed as safe for hazardous environments, and were sold by Koehler-Bright distributors, Grainger retail stores, and on Amazon from January 2017 through May 2018. According to CPSC, the flashlights are missing an encapsulation on a circuit board component, which protects the flashlight from igniting an explosive environment. CPSC urges consumers to immediately stop using these flashlights and inspect them for a missing date code. Only 3-D cell flashlights that do not contain a date code stamped on the body of the units are included in the recall. Approximately 7,500 of the recalled flashlights were sold in the United States and another 200 in Canada. For more information, see CPSC’s
recall notice