In Memoriam Margaret Wan, PhD, CIH, CHMM, CET, of St. Petersburg, Fla., passed away on Aug. 3, 2018. Wan was actively involved in the AIHA volunteer community and served on several volunteer groups, including the International Affairs Committee, the Communication and Training Methods Committee, the Ergonomics Committee, and the Environmental Issues Committee. She also served as past president of the Florida Local Section of AIHA.  Wan authored two articles for The Synergist, both of which were published in 2010: “Prolong the Functional Age” (AIHA member login required), which provided tips for maximizing performance, productivity, and safety of the aging work force, and “Don’t Get Lost in Translation” (login required), which focused on training a multicultural work force.

Updated “Core Competencies” Document Now Available An updated version of AIHA’s Core Competencies for the Practice of Industrial/Occupational Hygiene is now available. The document, which was originally published in 2012, outlines the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities that an IH/OH working at different levels of practice should possess. The new version describes additional technical competencies, including emerging issues, fatigue management, and indoor air quality, as well as functional competencies such as "soft skills" that will contribute to the success of the industrial hygienist. Individuals can request a free digital copy via AIHA’s website.
New AIHA Webinar to Focus on Air Sampling On Tuesday, Nov. 6, the new AIHA webinar “Air Sampling Strategies and Analysis” will introduce a practical, systematic approach for selecting air-monitoring methods for a wide variety of workplace environments. Presenters from AIHA’s Sampling and Laboratory Analysis Committee will help participants develop a basic understanding of how OSHA methods, NIOSH methods, and others can be used to develop efficient, cost-effective sampling strategies. The two-hour webinar will also cover the basic differences between active and passive sampling, including the advantages and disadvantages of both types of media and when they can and cannot be used. Participants will also learn about the instruments used by industrial hygiene chemistry laboratories; the relationship between the properties of chemicals and the types of sampling media used to accurately measure their exposure; and the sampling requirements necessary to obtain a valid result from the laboratory, including blank samples, detection limits, sampling times, air volumes, and exposure limits. Presenter Mary Eide retired from OSHA Salt Lake Technical Center after working there for more than 30 years. Her experience includes analyzing samples on various instruments, working as a member of the Methods Development Team, and assisting OSHA field personnel in formulating sampling strategies for workplace contaminants. Co-presenter John Glowacki is an advanced chemist with the Wisconsin Occupational Health Lab at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene. Glowacki’s duties include method development, sample analysis, and customer consultation regarding analytical methodology and sample collection. Learn more or register for the webinar on AIHA’s website. Leadership Course Coming Up in November  A new interactive road course offered by AIHA Education will focus on a variety of leadership skills and techniques. “Understanding Leadership from the Masters” will be held in Falls Church, Va., on Nov. 5, 2018, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. Presenter Carl Sall, CIH, CSP, will review leadership publications and discuss topics such as the role of power in leadership; time management techniques; the good, the bad, and the ugly of leadership; how to select key performance indicators to ensure success; and how to negotiate with and influence others. Sall is the director of health and safety at Louis Berger, a global professional services corporation in Exton, Pa. This course is intended to help participants employ successful leadership techniques, recognize techniques used to derail a leader, establish priorities, leverage goals and key performance indicators, communicate to senior leaders, and negotiate successfully. Individuals who attend this professional development course will have the opportunity to review the skills that current and historical leaders have employed on their roads to success. Attendees will also review and discuss the tactics and traits of successful leaders. Participants should have some leadership experience or desire to learn about leadership. More information about this course is available on AIHA’s website. 2019 Board of Directors Nominations
AIHA is seeking nominations for four Board of Directors positions that will be vacated in May 2019: vice president, treasurer-elect, and two at-large director positions. The deadline for nominations is Nov. 1, 2018. Electronic submission forms are available for all positions on AIHA's website. IAC Establishes Emerging Economy Projects Fund    Later this month, the Micro-Grants Subcommittee of AIHA's International Affairs Committee will begin accepting applications for funding for international projects and training in developing countries. The IAC’s Emerging Economy Projects Fund was established to increase understanding and build capacity for occupational hygiene in developing economies around the world.  Project proposals will be reviewed by the Micro-Grants Subcommittee, weighed against established criteria, and ranked by priority. The subcommittee will weigh available funds budgeted in the current fiscal year against those projects that show the most promise in achieving their stated goals. Final recommendations will be prepared and presented by the CEO to the AIHA Board of Directors for ultimate approval.  Learn more on AIHA's website. Subscribe to SynergistNOW   The SynergistNOW blog offers ideas, insights, and perspectives on important topics affecting industrial and occupational hygiene professionals, written by and for experienced IH/OHs, researchers, academics, and AIHA leaders. The blog is available to everyone with an interest in the IH and OEHS fields, but even AIHA members must subscribe. Visit SynergistNOW online.
Dates and Deadlines September 21–23
Future Leaders Institute in Washington, D.C. September 24–26 11th International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) International Scientific Conference in Washington, D.C. September 24–28 Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Review course in Ann Arbor, Mich. September 27–29 Product Stewardship 2018 in Washington, D.C. November 6 AIHA webinar: “Air Sampling Strategies and Analysis.” May 20–22, 2019 AIHce EXP 2019 in Minneapolis, Minn. For a complete list of events, visit AIHA's website.