Director (Two to be elected)
Pamela A. Kostle, MS, CIH, FAIHA Industrial Hygiene Program Manager University of Wisconsin Madison,  Environmental & Occupational Health Madison, Wisc.
AIHA professionals are engaged daily in preventing occupational illness and injury and will continue to do so. Many professionals become focused on tasks that are urgent rather than considering how to have a broader impact. The reasons are varied including lack of time, lack of resources, and reluctance to move outside our comfort zone to engage in professional and volunteer activities that raise awareness and engagement in discussions that can lead to eradication of diseases. AIHA’s vision to eliminate workplace illness requires perseverance to ensure conversations necessary to bring attention and action toward eradication are occurring. Evidence of the impact of campaigns and educational materials is supported by the Teen Workplace Safety Task Force’s recent successes. AIHA can facilitate further action toward elimination of workplace illness by strengthening synergies with other organizations and development of resources for IH professionals in a focused and strategic manner. Making the world a better place is a priority of 64 percent of millennials according to an Intelligence Group report. We should consider tapping this talent, capability, and vision, perhaps by mapping outreach resource development that is specific to each IH professional pathway. AIHA and IH professionals must be resilient and continue to persevere in communicating the vision to eliminate workplace illness as did Alice Hamilton, Jonas Salk, and many others in our professional history.