NIOSH Updates Permeation Calculator Tool
The NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) released a new version of the Permeation Calculator, a software program for analyzing chemical permeation test data. The tool works for both closed-loop and open-loop permeation testing, and is intended to help industrial hygienists avoid performing labor-intensive permeation parameter calculation by hand. According to NIOSH, the Permeation Calculator can also help prevent inconsistency among different experimenters and ensure identical permeation parameters from a particular permeation test data file.
The latest version of the Permeation Calculator, available for download from NIOSH's website, is capable of reading data files in the latest Excel format and features an updated graphical user interface.
“Data analysis for chemical protective clothing permeation testing involves a number of equations and experimental factors,” NIOSH’s website reads. “Experimenter bias and possible calculation errors are critical issues when determining permeation parameters, including various breakthrough times, steady-state permeation rate, cumulative permeation, [and] average permeation rate.”