CDC’s “Yellow Book” Now Includes Section on Work-related Travel
CDC Health Information for International Travel, or the “Yellow Book,” a reference for health professionals who provide care to international travelers, has been revised and updated for 2018 to include special considerations for unique types of travel, including work-related travel. This is the first time the agency has included a section focused solely on work-related travel. The new section of the document is intended to provide employers and workers with information to help travelers complete their work and stay safe and healthy. The section on work-related travel outlines steps to take during the pre-travel period, which CDC says is the best time to identify risks and make plans to prevent occupational injury and illness, as well as factors to consider and reassess during travel, including type of work, travel destination, and personal health. The agency also details safety and health concerns to consider after workers have returned home: transitioning back to work and life at home, reporting any incidents and exposures, getting necessary medical care, and capturing lessons learned to help others travel safely in the future.