A “Budget Blueprint” for the Federal Government
A “budget blueprint” published in March by the Trump administration proposes $54 billion in funding cuts for the federal government’s non-defense spending in the 2018 fiscal year. Three of the five departments that would face the steepest reductions are the Department of Labor (DOL), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), under which NIOSH falls, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The budget blueprint includes a proposal to eliminate all funding for OSHA’s Susan Harwood training grants, which the agency awards to nonprofit organizations to provide training and education programs for employers and workers on the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of occupational safety and health hazards. The proposal calls the grants “unproven” and states that their elimination will “[focus] the agency on its central work of keeping workers safe on the job.”
President Trump also proposes to eliminate all funding for several independent federal agencies, including the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB), which investigates industrial chemical accidents and makes recommendations for improving the safety of plants, workers, and communities.
While the budget blueprint makes no specific mention of NIOSH, a White House document detailing FY 2017 budget reduction options includes a proposal to eliminate new research grants and the Education and Research Program at NIOSH. The document, which is dated March 23, 2017, was obtained by POLITICO.
Information about the Trump administration’s proposed cuts appears below.

From the SynergistNOW blog post, “What the President’s Budget Request Could Mean for OEHS Programs”: “[President Trump’s budget] request provides a scant level of detail typical of presidents early into their first term, but even at this stage, the picture looks less than rosy for federal programs related to occupational and environmental health and safety.” – Mark Ames, AIHA’s Director of Government Relations

POLITICO Pro Energy: “White House proposes FY17 cuts to key EPA, DOE programs” (March 27, 2017, login required).
U.S. Office of Management and Budget: “America First - A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again” (PDF, March 16, 2017).

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