Publication Summarizes Workshop on Indoor Exposure to Particulate Matter
A new publication from the National Academies Press (NAP) summarizes presentations and discussions from a workshop held in February on the health risks of indoor exposure to particulate matter (PM). The workshop was held by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and sponsored by EPA’s Indoor Environments Division, which is responsible for developing policy and educating the public about indoor environmental issues. Invited speakers discussed topics such as ailments that are most affected by PM and the attributes of the exposures that are of greatest concern, exposure modifiers, vulnerable populations, exposure assessment, risk management, and gaps in the science. 
“The health effects of outdoor exposure to particulate matter (PM) are the subject of both research attention and regulatory action,” the publication reads. “Although much less studied to date, indoor exposure to PM is gaining attention as a potential source of adverse health effects.”
The publication includes chapters on the major sources of indoor PM, the chemistry and dynamics of PM, issues related to exposure levels to indoor PM, strategies for mitigating exposure to indoor PM, health risks associated with exposure to PM, and challenges related to communicating the risks of exposure to indoor PM to the public. The workshop summary is available as a free PDF download from the NAP website. Users also have the option to read it online.
Speakers’ slides and videos of the presentations from the workshop are also available on the National Academies website.