AIHA Announces New Online Mold Resource Center AIHA’s new Mold Resource Center is an online hub of information focused on mold and mold control. The center, which launched in October, collects references for consumers and professionals to learn general information on mold, the potential adverse health effects of mold exposure, the importance of mold remediation and prevention, steps to take in case of indoor flooding, and where to find help to prevent mold infestation. Users will also find answers to frequently asked questions about mold; a listing of industrial hygiene consultants, including mold specialists by state; and additional resources on mold from AIHA and government agencies such as OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA. “The AIHA Mold Resource Center should be the first stop on the Internet for professionals, home owners, and business owners affected by mold growth and contamination caused by flooding, storms, and water intrusion into buildings,” said Donald Weekes, CIH, CSP, FAIHA, member of the AIHA Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Committee. “The Center provides up-to-date information useful for the detection of mold in buildings as well as the successful remediation of the contamination.” The Mold Resource Center also features the latest industry news, AIHA press releases, publications, and Synergist articles about mold. Users of the Center may also access educational courses on mold from AIHA. AIHA’s “Facts about Mold” document, a consensus statement by a group of experts, is available for download as a PDF via the Center Web page. The guidance offered in the document is practical information based on years of experience addressing mold issues, and the document does not claim to be a definitive or comprehensive position statement. Because it is not comprehensive, the document should always be used in conjunction with other existing guidance documents and professional judgment by qualified consultants and public health officials. For more comprehensive information on standards, guidance, evaluation, remediation, and other information about mold, visit AIHA’s “Facts about Mold” Web page. Previously, AIHA launched a Formaldehyde Resource Center in response to growing consumer concerns regarding overexposure to formaldehyde in laminate wood flooring and other products found in homes. The AIHA Formaldehyde Resource Center was the first of its kind, and provides users with information such as frequently asked questions on formaldehyde; technical guidance on laminate flooring outgassing; and a formaldehyde fact sheet.

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