A Time of Change at AIHA
Editor's note: This article was updated Nov. 9, 2015, to correct an error regarding Aaron Trippler's planned transition to a part-time role. This transition is expected to happen in the summer of 2016.
AIHA celebrates its seventy-sixth birthday this year, and with it the pending retirements of several tenured AIHA staff. I want to take a moment to recognize these incredible professionals. MARY ANN LATKO, CAE, CIH, CSP, QEP Mary Ann is AIHA’s managing director of Scientific and Technical Initiatives (STI). She joined AIHA in 2004, relocating with her family to Virginia from the Chicago area. In addition to STI, Mary Ann has led many of our most successful program areas, including the Proficiency Analytical Testing Program (PAT) and the Registry Programs LLCs. Among her many accomplishments at AIHA are launching new registry programs, expanding opportunities for members to volunteer across the organization, introducing the Working Group structure, leading the AIHA PAT Programs, LLC to international accreditation, and initiating AIHA’s work in Body of Knowledge areas. An avid volunteer prior to her AIHA employment, Mary Ann has continued to volunteer for many organizations, including the Board of the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP), the Smithsonian’s National Science Resource Center, and the Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE). Mary Ann will long be appreciated for her abilities to develop relationships and collaborations with other organizations. Her last day at AIHA will be March 31, 2016. She can be reached at until then. CAROL TOBIN Director of Global Education Carol Tobin joined AIHA in 1989 and is one of two remaining Ohio staff who made the move to Virginia in 1992. Carol has been at helm of AIHA education from the start, nurturing AIHce and what is now the Fall Conference. Perhaps most importantly, Carol launched AIHA’s distance learning program more than fifteen years ago—long before many organizations were considering such a program. She also deserves credit for helping initiate AIHA’s foray into global education, steering us through our Asia Pacific Conferences. Carol’s intimate understanding of the industrial hygiene profession and her passion for delivering peer-reviewed, quality education is second to none in the OEHS professional societies. Her last day at AIHA will be December 31, 2015. Carol can be reached at until then. AARON TRIPPLER Aaron Trippler joined AIHA in 1992, just before AIHA’s relocation to Virginia. As director of Government Affairs for nearly twenty-four years, Aaron has been a constant and trusted voice for the industrial hygiene community, representing the members, profession, and association to all levels of state and federal government. He began his career as a journalist in South Dakota and moved on to state and then federal government affairs. He is best known to the profession as the “go-to” speaker for matters of public policy, representing AIHA at numerous local section meetings and state health and safety meetings. The membership and the press both rely on and revel in his views on regulatory affairs, which he expresses in his newsletter “Happenings on the Hill.” Aaron will be retiring in December 2016, but likely moving to a part-time role in the summer of 2016. Until then Aaron can be reached at VICKY YOBP, CAE Vicky Yobp began her AIHA career in 1994 as part of the laboratory quality assurance program staff. Years later she transitioned to the Membership and Local Sections Team where Vicky is credited with what is today’s outstanding and must-attend Leadership Workshop held annually for AIHA local section and technical committee leaders. As AIHA’s managing director of Professional Community, Vicky has taken the lead over the past several years in many of AIHA’s most important projects. In addition, Vicky has assumed important responsibilities for AIHA’s Content Portfolio Management Team and strategic planning efforts over the past few years. Vicky will be retiring on December 31, 2015. Until then you can reach her at Mary Ann, Carol, Aaron, and Vicky represent some of the very best professionals that the AIHA Board and I have had the opportunity to work with over the years. We will miss their leadership and their input, but they will be friends for years to come. A staffing transition plan has been put in place, and members should rest assured that there will be no interruption of AIHA’s program of work. Please join me in wishing these four outstanding AIHA staff the very best as they move forward. PETER O’NEIL, CAE, is AIHA’s executive director. He can be reached at or (703) 846-0760.
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