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Outreach and the Future of IH
I read “How to Harness IH Energy” in the June/July digital Synergist [an article about AIHA Past President Elizabeth Pullen and efforts to increase IH outreach]. As a long-time safety professional and CIH, I wanted to comment. I’ve been concerned about our field for some time. It continues to lack broad value recognition among industry decision-makers and the work force alike. In my opinion, it’s gained only modestly in this regard since I started in the field more than 25 years ago. I’ve attended our professional conferences since the late ’80s and watched the average age of participants increase over the years, which indicates that not enough young professionals are entering the field. Either this forecasts an eventual dearth of IH talent and a large future demand for professional IH services, or it’s an indication of our growing irrelevance in the modern technical and industrial workplace. Obviously, my hope is the former.
Inspiring young people into career service in the IH profession should be the preeminent objective for organizations like AIHA and ABIH.